Reuben Morgan1

M, #6053, b. 11 November 1724, d. before 9 July 1781
FatherPhillip Morgan2
MotherMary (--?--)2

Family 1

Mary (--?--)

Family 2

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     Reuben Morgan was born on 11 November 1724 at Bristol Parish,2 and baptized on 20 February 1725 at Bristol Parish, Virginia Colony.2 He was also known as Rhuben.2

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     On 1 January 1754, Reuben Morgan witnessed an Article (a marriage settlement agreement) between Field Jefferson and Mary Allen, a widow from Albemarle County. This was the second marriage of Field Jefferson, first cousin to Thomas Jefferson.3

     On 10 September 1755, Reuben was granted 400 acres on the lower side of Mile's Creek adjoining Stith at Lunenburg County, Virginia Colony.4

     Reuben married Mary Wright. The will of Reuben Wright, dated 23 Jan 1777, names his sisters: Mary Ann Rainey whom he calls his whole sister; and Sally Morgan, Edith Morgan, Nancy Morgan, and Betsy Morgan as his half-sisters. He also names his aunt, Elizabeth Morgan. His estate was bequeathed to his sisters. The executors was his father, Reuben Morgan and Philip Morgan. Witnesses were John Baskervill and George Baskervill. The will was probated 14 Apr 1777 in Mecklenburg County.

     Therefore, one can assume that Mary Ann was a widow named Wright when she married Reuben Morgan. Evidently, her son, Reuben, was young enough that he was called Reuben Morgan by his stepfather in his will. None of the researchers with whom I'm in contact have found a marriage record for Mary in order to learn her surname.5,6

     On 9 March 1757, Julius Nichols conveyed land to John Patrick, both of Lunenburg County, which was witnessed by Anne (her mark) Rottenberry, Dinnis Larke, Philip (his mark) Morgan, and Reuben (his mark) Morgan. This was recorded 4 Oct 1757 and lends credence to Philip Morgan being the father of Reuben.7

     On 3 May 1760, Adam Poole conveyed to Reuben for £230, a certain tract of land on both sides of Addens Creek and bounded by trees, surveyed for 400 acres in Lunenburg County. Signed by Adam (his mark) Poole. Witnesses: Henry Deloney, John Speed, John Speed Jr. Recorded 3 Jun 1760 after Easter,with the wife of the said Adam Poole, relinquishinig her right of dower at Lunenburg County, Virginia Colony.8

     On 25 September 1762, Reuben received a grant of 400 acres on the branches of Flatt Creek and Miles's Creek, adjoining Collier, Dorches, etc.9

     On 2 June 1764, Ruben Morgan conveyed to Adam Poole, both of St. James Parish in Lunenburg County, for £60, a certain tract of land in Lunenbaurg on the lower side of Flat Creek containing about 200 acres bounded by the corner of the late Willlm Poole Jr. Signed: Reubin (his mark) Morgan. Witnesses: Eph Mabry, James Blanton, Laban Wright. Mary, the wife of the said Reubin, relinquished her right of dower to the conveyed lands. Recorded 11 Oct 1764 at Lunenburg County, Virginia Colony.10

     On 8 December 1777, Reuben was the overseer of a road at Mecklenburg County, Virginia.11

     It was ordered that Reuben Morgan supply Francis Mclin, the wife of John Maclin a poor soldier now in the service with two barrels of corn which proves, along with later proven contributions, his patriotic service during the Revolution.12

     Reuben Morgan left a will dated on 14 June 1781 at Mecklenburg County, Virginia, in which he describes himself as "very sick and low but of sound and [?]" He names his wife, Mary, and his children: Philip Morgan; John Morgan; Benjamin Morgan; Sally King; Edith Rainey; Nancy Morgan; Betsy Morgan; Mary Ann Rainey; and, Sterling Morgan who is under age. He made land bequests to John Morgan, 470 acres; Betsy Morgan, 150 acres; Philip Morgan, 200 acres; Benjamin Morgan, 400 acres; Sally King, 150 acres; Nancy Morgan, 150 acres; Sterling Morgan, 500 acres after death or marriage of his mother. He mentions land on Mies and Dockery Creeks and made personal property bequests to all. He named as executors: his wife, Mary; son, Philip Morgan; and, son-in-law, Frederick Rainey. Witnesses were: Lewis Parham, Nathaniel Moss, William Eastland, and Mary Baskervill.6

     Reuben died before 9 July 1781 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia.
     Find A Grave does not have a burial listing for him as of 28 Jan 2019.6

     His estate was probated on 9 July 1781 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia.6

     Reuben Morgan's estate was appraised on 20 September 1781 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia, in the amount of £581,025 and recorded on 5 Oct 1781. The appraisers were Samuel Goode, Benjamin Pennington, Senr. and John Burton.13

     On 9 April 1782, prior to his death, he had supplied 1.125 cwt Bacon and 900 cwt Beef for use in the Revolution. In addition his estate provided for Continental Use, 725 cwt. Beef and a Bay Horse, valued at £125 at Mecklenburg County, Virginia.14

     On 28 October 1783, the executor of Reuben's estate sued Charles Williams and James Petillo for Debt. The defendants relinquished their former plea and sids "the action is Just." They had to pay "19 pounds 1 shilling with Lawful Interest and costs" at Brunswick County, Virginia.15

     On 9 February 1789, an accounting of personal property of his estate from the period of 2 Nov 1781 to 5 Sep 1788 was returned to court, as well as an inventory. Both were recorded on this date.16

     On 8 November 1798, the Administrator's account of the estate of Reuben Morgan, deceased, covering the period 23 May 1782 to 1 Nov 1798, was returned to court by Philip Morgan, Frederick Rainey, and Mary Morgan, executors of the decedent. The Account was approved on this day by Lewis Parham, William Baskervill, and Samuel Goode, Commissioners. Recorded 10 Dec 1798 at Mecklenburg County, Virginia.17

     On 10 December 1798, an Administrator's account of Reuben Morgan's estate from 23 Mar 1782 to 1 Nov 1798 was returned to court by Philip Morgan, Frederick Rainey and Mary Morgan, executors of the deceased. The account was approved 8 Nov 1798 by Lewis Parham, William Baskervill and Samuel Goode, comm. It was recorded on this date at Mecklenburg County, Virginia.18

Tax Rolls

1748on Lewis Deloney's Tythable List as Reuben Morgan with one tithe and is adjacent to his father, Phillip,Lunenburg County, Virginia Colony19
1749on William Howard's List of Tithables where, apparently, his father, Philip, paid his two tithes as shown with twelve H. and scalpsLunenburg County, Virginia Colony20
1750on William Howard's List of Tithables where, apparently, his father, Philip, paid his two tithesLunenburg County, Virginia Colony21
1752on Field Jefferson's List with his single titheLunenburg County, Virginia Colony22
1764on Edmund Taylor's St. James Parish List with 4 tithes and 520 acresLunenburg County, Virginia Colony23


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