Colonel Nathaniel Pope1

M, #15303, b. circa 1610, d. before 26 April 1660


Lucy Fox
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     Nathaniel was born circa 1610 in England.2

     I've found two possible Nathaniel Popes, both born in England. The first was the son of James, baptized/christened 2 Feb 1591, at Saint Clement, Danes, Westminster, London, England (FH Film #0,922,298). The second is Nathaniell, son of Raphe, baptized/christened 25 Mar 1593 at Hemel, Hempstead, Hertford, England (FHL Film #0,991,330). The other two men with this name were born too late to have settled in Maryland by 1637.3,4

     The cited author states he found the parish registers in Bristol, where Pope's son-in-law was buried, contain many entires about the Pope family beginning in 1585.2

     Circa 1637, he settled in St. Mary's Hundred, Maryland Colony, which was founded in 1634 by a grant of 12,000 square miles from Charles I of England to Cecil Calvert. Nathaniel Pope's estate is shown on the earliest map of St. Mary's between St. Mary's Bay and Chancellor's Creek an unknown place.1,2

     Nathaniel Pope married Lucy Fox. The marriage must have occurred after he emigrated.5,6

     On 25 January 1637, he was summoned to appear as a member of the Colonial Assembly of Maryland to be held on this date.2

     In February 1637, he is listed as one of 24 freemen who called for the grand Enquest before the Lieutenant General, Captain Robert Wintour and Mr. John Lewger, Secretry of the Maryland Council. They selected Marmaduke Snow, Gent., as the foreman.7

     He was elected as a burgess to the Maryland Assembly for the periods, 1637-38 and 1641-42 on account of his importance to the colony.2

     In 1639, his freehold was surveyed at being 1,000 acres - being one of the first 1,000 acre land grants.

     Although he grew tobacco, his primary interest was mercantile. He bought the products of the colonists in Maryland and Virginia and shipped them to his agents abroad. He imported all manner of supplies useful to the colonists. "If the tax re cords are an indication of his position in Maryland, he contributed more to the commercial success of that new colony than almost any man other than its Lord Proprietor," being three times larger than anyone else. He would have had to have capital in hand from the day he landed.2

     In January 1642, "Eod: Cyprian Thorowgood demandeth of Nathaniel Pope
           satisfaction for a trespasse done to the plf by killing the plfs
           swine to the damage of the plf to the value of 2000 l tob.
           warrt to warne Tho: Boys, Tho: white, Tho: baker (Pope's
           servt) John Cook, John norman, william Lafley, Edw: Ebbs: to
           be at Cort 1st febr. to testifie.
           warrt to warne defdt to answere retornab 1st febr. next" in Maryland Colony.8

     On 15 October 1642, he was one of the two men appointed to appraise the goods of John Cockshott, deceased. He is described as a "farmer."9 He delivered this inventory on 28 Oct 1642 at Maryland Colony.10

     In November 1642, "Nathaniel Pope acknowledgeth himselfe to owe
           to the Lord Proprietary one thousand wt of tob in
           case he shall kill any marked swine other then his owne or
           any swine at all in any his Lops forrests, without bringing both
           the eares with the skin betwixt of the swine so killed to the
           L. G. or Secretary within one month, after.
           mark of N nathaniel Pope
           License thervpon (sic) in forma consuet" in Maryland Colony.11

     In 1647, he was sent as agent to Kent Island.12 While there, "he attempted, as charged, to persuade the people there to come and live at Appomattox until they should become strong enough to seize the country again."13

     Circa 1648, he moved across the Potomac to the Colony of Virginia, possibly because of political and religious issues in Maryland.12

     "Nath Pope to the demand of blanch Oliver for 2 kine With
      Calf due by assumpsit Saith that if he did kill any of her Cattle
      or assume payment which he confesseth not yet he ought not
      to pay upon any Such Cause Such actions being taken away
      by Act of assembly.
      Mary Clocker Saith upon her Oath that in her presence
      Nathaniel Pope did promise to blanch Oliver that for an Ox of
      her's killed in their effort whether he lived or died he would
      give her Satisfaction and if he lived She Should have a Suffi-
      cient Cow and Calfe as any was in his penn and which Should
      be a quarter over and above better then her Oxe. And the
      Court found that the plt recover a good Cow Calfe as any was
      then in his penn, and for the other Cow and Calfe respited till
      first of March which Shall be 1647:

           In the Cause of Robert Kedger v: Nathan Pope, the Said
           Nathan Pope alleadged, that if Robt Kedger did any work it
           was to the use of the whole party then in Rebellion, and Soe
           is Cut off by the Act." . . . . . .

     "In the Cause of Nath Pope v: Tho Jackson the Defdt ac-
      knowledged 200 l tob to be due and the plt was therewith con-
      tented and the plt to pay Charge
      Nicholas Gwither demandeth of Nath Pope 200 l Tobacco
      due for hire for a voyage to Virginea about Septemb 1645.
      And the Said Nathan Saith that the employmt was in Ser-
      vice and to use of the Rebellion and therefore Cutt off by the
      And the Court dismissed the Defdt without day." . . . . .

     "Barnaby Jackson demandeth of Nath: Pope 1540' tob Cask
      due for the price of 11 filches of Bacon of the plts used by the
      Defdt being deposited in his house by the plt for the Securing
      of them and contracted for Satisfaction
      Warrant Imediate
      And the Deft denied Such Contract and upon the plts Mocon
      the Cause Respited till the 1st of March" in Maryland Colony.14

     In 1650, the cited source states he patented 1,300 acres of land known as the Cliffs at Westmoreland County, Virginia Colony. This land was to become part of Stratford Plantation where, many years later Robert E. Lee was born.15

(To see a map, click Nathaniel Pope Patent 1651)

     He received both political and military honors upon his arrival in the Virginia Colony. He was appointed a justice in the Northumberand Court for 1650--1652. When Westmoreland County was formed later, he was appointed a justice for 1653-1660. In 1655, he was appointed lieutenant colonel, the second in command of the miitary force in Westmoreland County. He was also a commissioner of the county and His Majesty's Justice.12

     On 4 October 1650, "Be it knowne unto all men by these prsents that I Nathaniell
      Pope of Apomattocks gent doe by these prsents make consti-
      tute and ordaine my welbeloved ffreind Willm Hardwich my
      true and lawfull Attorney for and in my name to aske demand
      and receive all such debts wch are due to mee in Maryland,
      and (vppon denyall) to sue pleade & ympleade in prison &
      out of prison, and whatsoever my Attorney doth I doe allowe
      of as if I my self were there personally Witnes my hand this
      4th day of October 1650
           Nathaniell Pope his Marke
      Testis Phillipp Silvestie david Anderson.
      Nathaniell Pope pite The Complte sues (by Willm Hardwich p.
      Jo: Halfhead deft his Attorney) for 15 dayes worke in leiwe of
      a Bricklayer lent the deft vppon promise to pay him soe many
      dayes worke againe. And the deft acknowledgeth the pltes
      Man worked with him but knowes not whether hee paid for it
      or not And the pltes Attorney being willing to referr it to the
      defts oath whether paid or not, the defts refused to take his oath,
      but referred it to the pltes oath and agreed to bee bound
      thereby. Wch the Court doth order accordingly, and for that
      purpose doth respite the further hearing of the Cause till the
      next Court
           Wm Eltonhead esqr prsent (cum cetris)" in Maryland Colony.16

     In 1651, he obtained a land patent for 1,050 acres at Cliffs at Westmoreland County, Virginia Colony.1,17,18

(To see a map of his property, click Nathaniel Pope Land 1656)

     On 10 January 1652, "gave his marke of hogges and cattle underkeel in both eares."1

     On 25 November 1652, the following letter was recorded in Northumberland County Record Book #14:
     "To his approved loveing friend Mr Nathaniel Pope at Appomattacks in Virginia
Loveing freind Mr Pope I kindly salute you with hope of your health as I bless God I am at this present
[.] Sr I writt you several lres that I had sent you some goods in Mr Webber by the way of New-England and that I would send you a good Cargo of goods by my man Richard Nicholls and I sent another by another servant of myne named Benjamin Stoane[.] you have heard I know of the casting away of Mr Webbers shipp in the coast of New-england and since that I have heard of the death of my servant Benjamin Stone but thanks be to God I heard that Richard Nicholas is safe arrived but I have not received any letters from him since that he came into your parts but what I have by som[.] that came from thence that wee have 15 saile of shipps that came about 14 dayes since into Portsmouth but are not as yet coem into our Downes[.] I haveing not as yet rec'd any lre from Rich: Nicholls causeth me to feare that all is not well with him but however I hope the best I desire the Lord to preserve him[.] I know that he hath soe much business on his hands by reason of Bens: death that it seemeth to me something difficult for him to goe through without the assistance of some friend[.] I hope that you have given him your best assistance of some friend and the rest that I deale with all did kee your Tobco for Richard Nicholls as I did desire you and them to doe in my former letters and Mr Webber the wch lres I hope you have received by Mr Thurstons shipp[.] Sir I did desire you to assist my servant as much as you would and I coud and would serve you here[.] Sr I have sent you in Mr Butlers a young man the wch I would desire you to take into your house and let him have meate and drinke and lodging and to imploy him in the best imployments that you shall see him capable of[.] I conceave that he wil be fitt to teach your Children for he can write a very good hand sifer ver well and is able to keepe your Accots if you conseave it meete[.] Sr I would desire you to take him till such time as you shall heare from me wch shal be by the next shipping God willing[.] his name is Samuel ottershed[.] I hope that my man hath made bold to have you overseer of my debts he hath left in the Country I would desire you to take care of it and to receive it into your custody for my use and I will give you content for your care and paines and you shall find me willing to serve you here in England[.] your brother hath sent you a lre by the young man named Sam: Mottershed[.] your father is well also[.] Thus in haste I comitt you to the protecon of the Almighty and rest your loveing freind in all hearty love and affeccon to serve ."
                Signed N_______ayward
                (Nicholas Hayward)
Rich: Nicholls, Attorney for Nicholas Hayward, to Nathaniel Pope to transact business in Virginia. Dated 15 Jul 1652. Signed Rich Nicoll. Witnesses: David Anderson, Alex Baineham. Recorded 25 Nov 1652 in Northumberlan County, Virginia.

     "I Samuel Mottershed aged 22 yeares or thereabouts sworne and examined saith That Mr Nicholas Hayward comeing downe to Gravsend came aboard in the morning and tooke me ashore and after some discourse pul'd out a l're and woud have given it me but tok a for-thinking and said he would take it backe lest he should have something more to write and said he would send it me more he bad me at our parting to remember him to Mr Pope and tell him that if his man Richard Nicholls were dead or coming into England that he would receave his Toco that were in debts and he would give him content and more to desire him to speake to his Customers to keepe their Tobco for him And further saith not."
                Signed Samuell Mottershed

     The abstractor, Beverly Fleet, seems to believe tha Samuel Mottershed was not the young man's real name and that he might have been an aristocrat fleeing the Civil War in England.19

     On 25 November 1652, Mr. Nathaniel Pope was one of the men present for the Court held in Northumberland County, Virginia. During this Court session, "Whereas Mr. Nathaniel Pope did introduce in Court a ____ Atturney made by Mr. Nicholas Hayward unto Richard ___ his servant now deceased as also a ___ by the said Mr. Hayward Directed to the said Mr. Pope and likewise an Assignment from the said Nicholas of his ___ of Atturney and the testimony and oath of Samuel Matthews had And desires the opinion of the Court whether an Acquittance given by the said Mr. Pope for Tobaco received for the use of the said Mr. Hayward was sufficient and legall by virtue of the writeings a foresaid receaved. It was the opinion of the Court that Mr Popes acquittance for the Tobaco received for the account of the said Mr. Hayward was sufficient and legall and doth discharge the ___ that pay the tobaco sufficiently."

     Also: "The Court orders that Mr Nathaniel Pope have an attachment 'against the estate of Thomas Allens decd in the hands of Thomas Youll for the satisfaction of ffive pounds of fowerteene ounces of Beanes by Bill' and 38 pounds of tabaco upon account. 'and that notice be given to Tho Youlle'" in Northumberland County, Virginia Colony.20

     On 20 January 1652/53, in this session of Northumberland County Court: "The estate of Thomas Allen, deceased, owing Mr. Nathaniel Pope two pounds of beans, the Court orders that Thoams Youll make payment from the estate."

     In the same session of the Court, "The Court doth order that Mr Nathaniel Pope Atturney of Mr Nicholas Hayward of London mercht shall out of the said Mr Haywards estate make ___ payment of 2000 lb of tobo and Caske unto Mr Walter Brodhurst for being General Atturney of the said Mr Hayward in the yeare 1661 x x."

     Also: "Whereas there was a difference depending between James Claughton pltf and Mr Nathaniel Pope deft cncerning a bill of Three Cowes wee finde the Bill not be Authenticke the said Pope alleadging none est factum and the said Claughton being not able to make proofs thereof wee do therefore aware the said Pope to be cleere of the aforesaid Bill and that the said Claughton ought to pay the Charges of the Court." Signed by 12 jurors at Northumberland County, Virginia Colony.21

     On 20 January 1652/53, Mr. Nathaniel Pope of Northumberland County records his mark for cattle in Northumberland County, Virginia Colony.22

     On 10 March 1652/53, Pope was made administrator of the estate of John Cooke, deceased Cum Testamente. The will was proved by Abraham Jerman, witness.

     The will of John Cooke, dated 6 Aug 1652, "living upon upon Appamatacke" left Becca Ryall a cow and a calf with the rest of the estate going to "his welbeloved Mr Nathaniel Pope." Signed with his mark and witnessed by Richard Nicoll and Abraham Jerman at Northumberland County, Virginia Colony.23

     On 20 September 1653, after being ordered to pay Daniel Clocker 350 pounds of tobacco out of the estate of John Cooke, Pope rendered an accounting and it was ordered that he have a Quietus est.24

     On 23 May 1654, "Mr Nathaniell Pope, by William Johnson his
           attorney demandeth Six hundred and Sixty pounds of Tobacco
           & Caske out of the Estate of ffrancis Posey deceased" in Maryland Colony.25

     On 4 April 1655, he was commissioned Lieut. Colonel of Westmoreland Troops at Westmoreland County, Virginia Colony.1,26

     In 1656, "Colonel Nathaniel Pope offered to go security for John Washington 'in beaver skins.27'"

     In 1657, "Nathll Pope plft Whereas mr Nathaniell Pope arrested to
           willm Robinson deft this Court William Robinson in an Action of
           debt and whereas the Said Robinson doth neither by himself
           nor his Attorney appeare, The Court doth order that if the
           Sheriffe doe not at the next Court Cause the Said Robinson to
           appear in this action then order to pass against the Sheriff for
           what the Said mr Pope Shall then make appear from the Said
           Robinson with Such Cost and Damages as then the Court
           Shall think fitt

           Nathanll Pope plft Whereas mr Nathaniell Pope arrested to this
           Edward Hall deft Court Edward Hall for a debt of one thousand
           five hundred and ten pounds of Tobacco and Caske due by two
           Specialties the one bearing date the 28 of December 1651
           payable the tenth of November next Ensuing the date thereof
           the other bill bearing date the 28th of December 5 1 payable the
           10th of novr 1653 and the Said Hall appearing by his Attorney
           who acknowledged the debt, The Court doth order that the
           Said Hall Shall Satisfie the Said one thousand five hundred
           and ten pounds of Tobacco and Caske with three hundred and
           Ninety pounds of Tob for forbearance with Cost of Suit or else

           Nathanil Pope plft Whereas it appears to this Court that
           Abram Holman Attorney Thomas Hawkins Standeth indebted unto
           of Thom: Hawkins deft mr Nathaniell Pope in the Sume of one
           Thousand 53 pounds of Tobacco and Caske due by Specialty
           bearing date the first of may 1655 payable the tenth of
           November next Ensuing and the Said Hawkins appearing by
           his Attorney Abraham Holman, who hath Confessed a Judg-
           ment in the behalf of the Said Hawkins, The Court doth order
           that the Said Hawkins Shall Satisfie the Said debt of one
           Thousand fiftie three pounds of Tobacco and Caske with one
           hundred twenty Six pounds of Tob: for forbearance with Cost
           of Suit or else Execution
           Nathanll Pope plft Whereas it appeareth to this Court that
           Rich Watson deft Richard Watson Standeth indebted unto mr
           Nathaniell Pope in the Sume of nine hundred and ninetie
           pounds of Tobacco and Caske as by Bill appeareth, and the
     Said Watson appearing by his Attorny Capt Waring who Liber B.
      confessed Judgmt The Court doth order that the Said Watson No. 3.
      Shall Satisfie the Said Nine hundred and ninety pounds of
      Tobacco with one hundred and Sixteen pounds of Tobacco for
      forbearance & Cost of Suit or Else Execucon" in Maryland Colony.28

     On 20 October 1657, "Lt. Col. Nathaniel Pope has sold to Robt Cole a cow and calf of his son Nathaniel Pope which were given him by Thomas Thursden and also a cow and calf of his daughter Margaret given her by Thursden. Now gives the children cattle to replace that sold. Signed by Nathaniel Pope. Witnesses: Tho Speke and Walter Brodhurst. Acknowledged and recorded 20 Oct 1657" at Westmoreland County, Virginia Colony.29

     In 1658, John Washington married Colonel Pope's daughter, Anne, and "as a wedding gift, Colonel Nathaniel Pope gave them a 700 acre tract of land on Bridge's Creek at Westmoreland County, Virginia Colony.30

     On 1 November 1658, he bought of Nicholas Hayward 700 acres of land farther west on Hallowes' Creek out of Mattox which he later conveyed to Anne.31

     On 11 May 1659, "Nathaniel Pope, Gent., of Westmoreland County to Mr. John Dodman and Willm Harich in trust for my daughter Ann Pope alias Washington. For divers good causes. All my right and title in this patent.
                Nathaniel Pope
Wit: Vallentine Peyto, James Balldridge
Acknowledged 11 May 1659 at Westmoreland County, Virginia Colony.32

     Colonel Nathaniel Pope left a will dated on 16 May 1659 in Appomattox, Westmoreland County, Virginia Colony.
     "IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN. I Nathaniel Pope of Appomattox in the county of Westmoreland in the Colony of Virginia Gentlemen being in perfect mind and memory and having a resolution to go to England this present shipping and knowing the dangers of the seas as affairs now stand and the uncertainty of man's life Therefore I make this my last will and Testament in manner & form following. IMPRIMIS I give and bequeath my soul into the hands of Almighty God my most merciful and loving father hoping through the death passion and resurrection of Jesus Christ my alone Savior and redeemer he will receive it into everlasting happiness after this miserable life is ended, and as for my body I submit it to be disposed of as God pleaseth whether by land or water. And as for that portion of Estate and goods which God of his mercy hath blessed me with all in this life I give and bequeath as followeth. IMPRIMIS I give and bequeath unto my son Thomas Pope that my land and plantation situate upon the Clifts to him and his heirs forever. ITEM, I give unto the said Thomas Pope five cows or heifers to be delivered unto him when he shall come to the age of one and twenty years or day of marriage which shall first happen. ITEM, I give and bequeath unto my son Nathaniel Pope all that land and plantation whereon I now live and am seated with all the buildings and edifices thereunto belonging to him and his heirs forever. And if in case my son Thomas shall die, whom I do make my whole and sole Executor of this my last will and Testament, then my will and meaning is that my son Nathaniel shall survive him to be my whole and sole executor. ITEM, I give unto my son Nathaniel Pope aforesaid more that my whole seat of and lying at the head of Appomattox creek as by patent will appear containing by estimation one thousand and fifty acres be it more or less to him and his heirs forever. And further it is my will and desire that my wife Lucy Pope shall have my whole aforementioned seat of land whereon I now live and none other with the servants and cattle and goods thereunto belonging so long as please God she shall Live. And inc ase my wife should marry then my will and meaning is that my Executor shall give her twenty thousand weight of Tobacco and Cash and the aforesaid goods and cattle and land given to my aid wife to go to my said executor. ITEM, I give unto my son in law John Washington that sum of money which he stands indebted unto me by a bill under his hand for the said money containing eighty pounds sterling. ITEM, I give unto my son Thomas one mare. ITEM, I give unto my son Nathaniel one mare. ITEM, I do give unto my son in law John Washington one mare. I do give unto my son in law William Hardridge one stone horse. And I further do desire my son Thomas my Executor to ay unto my son in law William Hardich two hundred pounds that I stand engaged to him for ot of my estate in England to be paid at demand and what of my estate shall be left undisposed of I do give unto my Executor /thomas Pope for all manner of bills, bonds, accounts, debts, chattle, chattles, and household stuff and all whatsoever moveables and of my estate undisposed of I do give unto my son Thomas and son Nathaniel to be equally divided between them both to be divided when the eldest of them shall come to age. In Witness that this is my last will and Testament I the said Nathaniel Pope have set to my hand and seal [this date]                    Nathaniel Pope (SEAL)
          Signed sealed and Delivered to be the last will and Testament of Nathaniel Pope in the present of John Rosier, Lawrence Washington, John Washington, William Hardich."33,34

     He made his son-in-law, John Washington, the guardian for his two sons who were under age twenty-one at the time of his death.35

     He died before 26 April 1660 in Westmoreland County, Virginia Colony.
     Find A Grave does not have a burial listing for him as of 2 Feb 2019.33

     His estate was probated on 26 April 1660 in Westmoreland County, Virginia Colony.33

     His estate was inventoried on 14 May 1660 at Westmoreland County, Virginia Colony, Total valuation £395.0.1.
The servants: Richard Higdon, Willm. Robinson and Eliza. Norton ,Robt Hedges and Edward Pickery; John Coster, John Butler and Robert Owen; Jasper Bennet, Isaack Berkly and Willm. Staple; John Waller, Charles Coskett; Richard Taylor, Dorcas Rose.
Debts by bill [due from] George Weeden, Richard Cole, William Empson, William Robinon, Christopher Butler, Richard Browne Gent., Gervase Dodson, Rice Maddocks, Phillep Silvester, Stephen Norman, Elias Blake, Francis Grey, David Philleps, Robert Wiatt, David Anderson, John Withers, John Walton.
Inventory of cattle.
Two beds delivered, one to Thomas Pope, the other to Nathaniell Pope with rugs which were not appraised.
John Dodman
Willm. Peirce
Augustine Hull
17 May 1660. Sworn by Mr. John Washington (guardian of Mr. Pope's children.)36

     Within this inventory were sixteen indentured white English servants, 860 "ells of Lockeram" valued at £84, a boat and cannon, 40 cows, yearlings and heifers, 50 sows and barrows, 60 silver buttos, one pair of silvers, one silver bowl and 12 silver spooks. The debts due him amounted to 20,653 pounds of tobacco.35


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