I learned in June that I was dying of mesothelioma cancer despite no known exposure to asbestos. I have tried since that time to get all my genealogy loaded into an archive site with no luck. I had hoped to keep this online for a couple of years. Instead, I am able to upload only a few of my research lines.

     If you sent me an email between October 1 and November 15, please re-send. My email provider inadvertently destroyed some email during this period of time.

     This is what I know about these people as of the publication date shown on this site. I have recently made significant changes as better evidence has become available.

     I have gone back in some cases to add direct links to some unindexed microfilm records now uploaded onto FamilySearch. I originally accessed some of this microfilm on frequent trips to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City back before it was possible to download records onto thumb drives or the film had been uploaded onto the internet. Indexing, where available, on FamilySearch is frequently inaccurate and there is no way (unlike on Ancestry.com) to correct any problems. Going back to find records on original microfilm now uploaded onto the web has been tedious, but I realize that not every viewer of this site has an account at Ancestry.com. I cannot do this for every record, so am concentrating on probate and marriage records. If you click on the underlined link, you will be taken immediately to the record.

     As of 18 Apr 2021, I have created an index which lists all the descendants of Stephen Turner whose line I had added to this website because of their frequent interaction with members of Terisha Turner's descendants. Many of us believe Terisha and Stephen were brothers, but need DNA evidence to prove this. Therefore, if anybody reading this is a direct male descendant of Stephen's, please consider having your Y-DNA tested at FamilyTreeDNA where you can join the Turner Project.

     I discovered on March 9 that I had input the wrong Revolutionary War pension application for William Turner (ID#322) born 1760, died bef 20 Oct 1834. How did this happen? About 15 or more years ago, the only pension applications available online were those at HeritageQuest which had filmed a highly truncated version of these applications entitled Selected Records for Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Applications (from NARA series M804). When I went to Fold3 for verification purposes of his widow's details, I was able to access his entire pension file wherein I discovered my error which has now been corrected. This is deeply embarrassing!

     I have worked to untangle the Turner and related families in Pike County, Missouri. I have made major corrections with respect to the Turners and related families in Sumner County, Tennessee, being indebted to Jerry Turner's documented research for helping me to disentangle the various John Turners there. I want to thank Erick D. Montgomery for helping correct errors in the Johnson family.

     All highlighted information is clickable. If you click on a superscript number, you will be taken to the footnote so you can evaulate my source. Hit back to return to your location in the text. I have started adding information from the Historical Record Collection at FamilySearch. As a result some of the linked addresses are not working. If this happens, copy the address and paste into your own browser.

     Because I am extremely sensitive to privacy concerns, I have made an effort not to put online information that could lead to privacy issues for anyone. My program excludes all living people and I set my database to display only five generations in the belief that only descendants' grandfather's data would be displayed. I have much, much more information than what is displayed on this site.To my astonishment, a recent update to the site contained several people who should not have had their information published. For example, although my father is six generations removed from Terisha, his information was accidentally published. I have gone back and set things up to never display him or people whose footnotes could lead back to a living person. Therefore, if I inadvertently have displayed information that is too close to you for your comfort, please click on my name at the bottom of the page below to send an email, with the person's name and ID number requesting his/her removal.

     Note: It is very important to understand that those children whose source citations derive from census records dated 1850, 1860, and 1870 belong only provisionally to the named parent(s). Beginning in 1880, familial relationships were delineated by census enumerators; prior to that time, children listed with a given family might actually be related or unrelated orphans, cousins, etc.

     To access a Find A Grave link to someone's memorial page, go to the footnote and click on memorial page. . ..

     I need to thank John Cardinal who wrote the software that turns my Master Genealogist database into this html website; Terry Reigel who helped me get started; and, Michael J. Hannah who has helped me get out of complicated problems, most recently the scrambling of marriage bond witness sentences.

     It also is important to know that the Turner connection to the "great families" of Britain, Europe, and elsewhere comes through Humphrey Hanmer. This relates to all those descending from Rebecca or Susannah Hamner. This information will become available if/when I upload the file for the Turner Sisters.

     I've created html files which you can access by clicking on a link . In short, anything that is highlighted can be clicked on. If you want to see who lived in a particular area, go to the Master Place Index where clicking on a country or state name will cause the Master Place menu to expand. You even can click on a cemtery to see all the burials there.

     I am sorry about the problem with columns of figures, such as estate inventories or sales. Each program used to generate this site uses a different language for this type of layout. If I go with one (the print layout), I lose the ability to format properly for the other (the website). Temporarily, I've got an approach which doesn't work very well with either. I've been told there is a way to do this using spreadsheet-to-word processing tables, but haven't tried it yet. Perhaps in the fullness of time?

     If you see any typographical errors or other mistakes, please let me know by clicking on my name below which will opens an email link. I am uploading this for your study and as well as assistance.

Here are just a few of the interesting people you'll find in this database: