This is what I know about these people as of the publication date shown on this site. I add new information every day. I have added the names of parents for wives, if I have this information. Data on some of these people is very brief at this point. I have also added ancestral information on few related families.

     I have made major corrections with respect to the Turners in Sumner County, Tennessee, being indebted to Jerry Turner's documented research for helping me to disentangle the John Turners there.

     I've made a good faith effort to cover five generations, including those of daughters. However, I cannot be confident that I've included everyone that should be included. My database software gives different answers for different queries relating to these generations.

     Because I am extremely sensitive to privacy concerns, I have made an effort not to put online information that could lead to privacy issues for anyone. My program excludes all living people and I set my database to display only five generations in the belief that only descendants' grandfather's data would be displayed. I have much, much more information than what is displayed on this site.To my astonishment, a recent update to the site contained several people who should not have had their information published. For example, although my father is six generations removed from Terisha, his information was accidentally published. I have gone back and set things up to never display him or one other person whose footnotes could lead back to a living person. So, if I inadvertently have displayed information that is too close to you for your comfort, please click on my name at the bottom of the page below to send an email, with the person's name and ID number requesting his/her removal.

     Note: It is very important to understand that those children whose source citations derive from census records dated 1850, 1860, and 1870 belong only provisionally to the named parent(s). Beginning in 1880, familial relationships were delineated by census enumerators; prior to that time, children listed with a given family might actually be related or unrelated orphans, cousins, etc.

     I believe I have solved the Find A Grave links to burials issue. To go to a person's memorial page, click on memorial page. . . in the footnote.

     It also is important to know that the Turner connection to the "great families" of Britain, Europe, and elsewhere comes through Humphrey Hanmer. This relates to all those descending from Rebecca or Susannah Hamner. This information will become available if/when I upload the file for the Turner Sisters.

     I've created html files which you can access by clicking on a link . In short, anything that is highlighted can be clicked on. If you want to see who lived in a particular area, go to the Master Place Index where clicking on a country or state name will cause the Master Place menu to expand. You can also see all the burials I've located at specific cemeteries

     I am sorry about the problem with columns of figures, such as estate inventories or sales. Each program used to generate this site uses a different language for this type of layout. If I go with one (the print layout), I lose the ability to format properly for the other (the website). Temporarily, I've got an approach which doesn't work very well with either. I've been told there is a way to do this using spreadsheet-to-word processing tables, but haven't tried it yet. Perhaps in the fullness of time?

     I permanently turned off the Google Maps link for one major reason. Whereas I could configure my Google account so I wouldn't be charged for use above a set amount, Google maps no longer have a link to Google Earth. This means that if you click on a picture link, you are taken to another picture which frequently includes advertisements. Instead, I recommend downloading Google Earth satellite to see a location, especially where I've included latitude/longitude coordinates. This is especially useful for battlefields where historical markers are often miles from the actual battle site.

     If you see any typographical errors or other mistakes, please let me know by clicking on my name below which will opens an email link. I am uploading this for your study and assistance.

Here are just a few of the interesting people you'll find in this database: